Roof Cleaning, Roof Repairs, Roof Coating & Sealing in Staffordshire

There are many thousands of homes across Staffordshire with roofs that, over time, have become dirty and covered with moss and algae growth. In the long term, if these roofs are not cleaned it could lead to all sorts of problems that may cost a lot of money to rectify. We have had a dramatic increase in enquiries and work throughout Staffordshire from customers requiring professional roof cleaning and application of top quality roof coating or colouring products.

Our registered roof cleaning contractors provide a roof restoration service for homeowners throughout Staffordshire. As well as a full roof restoration they can also carry out small repairs to broken roof tiles and replacing any mortar back into areas where ridge tiles may have become loose over time.

In recent years, the harsh snowy winters have caused all sorts of roof problems for homeowners in Staffordshire. Frost damage to mortar and broken roof tiles are just a few issues that need to be continuously addressed to avoid substantial damage that may result in a new roof being required. This does not take into account the constant problems associated with the spread of moss and algae on roof tiles which can detract from the look of a house but also moss falling from the roof soon blocks gutters and downpipes that can in turn cause water ingress to the buildings structure.


• Complete roof survey to assess overall condition.

• Application of fungicidal wash to treat moss and algae growth.

• Pressure wash to entire roof structure.

• Any minor repairs including replacement of any broken tiles.

• Application of roof sealer or coloured coatings to protect roof tiles.

• Site cleaned and left tidy.

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The coloured roof coatings and roof sealers we use have a number of benefits over and above the aesthetic changes they make to a roof. The roof coatings have a therrnal effect in winter that will insulate a house from the cold. They also reflect heat and sunlight in the summer to keep a property cooler. This can help save you a substantial amount of money over a period of years. Find Out More
Climashield™ contains inhibitors to restrict moss and algae growth whilst allowing the structure to breath and flex. This product is ideal and thoroughly recommend for coating concrete roof tiles for customers looking to enhance slate and clay tiles then a Smartseal's clear sealer is the recommended product to apply. Find Out More
For a professional roof cleaning contractor in Staffordshire, please call 0800 988 0348. We provide FREE roof surveys and quotes. Just fill in our online enquiry form and we will respond to your request within 24 hours. We will also undertake minor roof repairs in most towns in Staffordshire including Market Drayton, Leek, Biddulph, Stone and Kidsgrove.
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