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Once the cleaning and any roof repairs have been completed it is recommended that the roof tiles are resealed with a protective clear sealer or a coloured Climashield™ roof coating supplied by one of the UK's leading sealant suppliers Smartseal UK Ltd.

The weather conditions have to be favorable to apply the products so a suitable drying time is allowed for the roof tiles and more time may need to be allocated if the roof is located in a shady north facing elevation.

To enforce and back up the green growth inhibitors contained within Climashield™ the whole roof will be washed down with a strong biocide to eradicate any remaining sub surface moss and algae spores.

With the weather on side and with the site sheeted up with protective tarpaulins to limit any possible over spray situations, the contractor will initially cut in by hand the roof perimeter to alleviate any risk of misting the gutters and fascias.

Working with an airless spray unit the contractor will very carefully apply a heavy first coat of product ensuring a depth of penetration into the concrete tile structure that will ensure longevity in colour as well as enhancing the protective elements within the product.

Climashield™ contains inhibitors to restrict moss and algae growth whilst allowing the structure to breath and flex. This product is ideal and thoroughly recommend for coating concrete roof tiles for customers looking to enhance slate and clay tiles then a Smartseal's clear sealer is the recommended product to apply.

Once the first coating has dried out a second application is carried out to magnify the colour  and protective attributes of either product applied.

After a full site tidy up and a customer review and sign off the work is completed leaving you with a roof that looks better than it has done for years and fully protected against the elements.

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